If we build it…

There’s much to celebrate before 2021 is through but my mind wanders towards 2022. Next year I plan to share my passion for candid family capture, its going to be irresistible!!!

Part of the plan is to document and share my own life through the “365 Challenge”: an exercise in taking at least one pro photo each calendar day for an entire year, no exceptions. It sounds easy but in practice, its very hard… I’ve never been able to complete one. Everyday life is, by definition, ordinary. But I know this commitment will push the boundaries of my visual creativity while also plugging me into that other thing …

…Which is to reshape how I present my service and mission to you. I want you to know that your family and your life are worthy of capture, that your ordinary is extraordinarily beautiful in all its complexity and imperfection, and that can photos empower us as parents.

Until then, scenes that make me grateful for each day with this family…

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