Immense gratitude…

… for you, my returning client, for trusting me year after year to document your most precious people

… for you, my new client, for taking a chance

… for the weather and earth for delivering such a beautiful fall

… for science and increased safety

…. for my husband and son, who don’t see me enough this time of year but support me with hugs, food, coffee and candy. They wish me luck before I go and ask me how it went when I come home – every time! There is no greater force in our success than the support we receive at home.

… to the Universe, for hearing me out and playing me back

… and to all that hasn’t yet happened, but will, as more families are inspired to embrace vulnerability and whole heartedness through photography together. Here’s to laughter and splashes and motion and lens flare. We are but humans raising humans, may the outtakes become the images we treasure most.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍂🦃

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