Halloween Happy

I love when families bring their truest selves to a shoot, no bull. And for this fam, believe it or not, its all as its all about Halloween cosplay! 😍 This is our third year working before the big event and featuring the family costume. I loved Star Wars and Jurassic Park but the “The Running of the Bulls” is my Ferdinand-favorite to date.

It makes so much sense to me to take pictures around your favorite thing to do as a family. It makes the pictures fun, and believe it or not, I might know each kids’ individual personality better than other clients because they want to tell me so much about their costumes and add their ideas to the mix.

In my own fam, this is going to be the first year M goes trick or treating with friends while we give out candy. Its a big shift. We’ve also enjoyed family costumes and celebrating the holiday together. It can’t last forever the way we want it to, they will grow up. I’m so genuinely glad for every family that chooses to lean into every fun childhood opportunity full throttle. Documenting it, getting the parents in the memories too, well that’s just brilliant IMO.

For as many years as we can do this, lets 🙏🏻…. 😍

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